Saturday, 8 May 2010

Darcy Spoilt? Never!

Mum has been staying for the last 2 weeks so I have been unable to do too much on the computer.
The garden is coming along and I should hopefully do some work there tomorrow and get some pics to update you.
In the meantime, I'm sorry to say more Darcy pics!!

Does he get spoilt? Of course not, but he likes to help..........

Mum enjoyed his company!

Assisting K with her assignment...

T on her computer

He likes his home comforts too, when the Rayburn is lit this is his favourite place and favourite position! Yes he is sound asleep!

He detests the rain and refuses to go out in it

so we bought him a coat!!!

He is not spoilt honest!!!


  1. Awww, he is absolutely gorgeous, and I can see he isn't getting spoilt......much.

  2. At least he's small enough and unhairy enough to spoil! I fear if I let Spot on the sofa every item of clothing I owned would be covered in white dog hair (as opposed to just most of it!)

  3. You're all really enjoying the company of your new doggy friend, I can tell.


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