Friday, 16 April 2010

Up & Down the Garden!

On the north side of the house spring is finally springing! This is one of K's pots and to be honest the photo does not do it justice, it is gorgeous!

This is one of my large leaved buys from last year which has come through the winter raring to go. Sorry the name has slipped my mind!!

My window box looking a bit better than last time I showed you!!

The tulip pots have once again excelled themselves...

The view down the garden!

The small greenhouse is bursting at the seems with seed trays full of tomatoes, chillis, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, peas, french beans and bags of potatoes plus a few of my exotics which need heat mats! I shall have to wrap them all up tonight as a frost has been forecast!

The flower bed at the bottom of the garden needs a total makeover, but I am reluctant to 'have a go' as my back is still not up to major digging! I may very well have to get someone in, which I am also reluctant to do, as they may just dig everything up!!!! Maybe I could persuade K to come back for a workout one weekend!!!!

The bamboo is sending up lots of culms. I shall have to dig up this pot (well hubby will) and pop the bamboo in a large one.

I love the bamboos, never used to but do now!

Sorry just had to pop a pic of my fourlegged friend on!


  1. All your containers are looking lovely. I particularly like your window box now that the narcissus are in bloom. No post would be complete without a picture of your little doggy friend.

  2. Libby love your garden but that just gorgeous. He has personality by the bucket load.

    I have lots of seeds in the greenhouse, we are expecting a frost. It is tiresome keep wrapping stuff up.

    Sorry to hear you still have back trouble. It must be very frustrating.

  3. we are enjoying an early spring this year, and the plants in the garden are responging accordingly. Tulips and daffs everywhere, doncha just LOVE Spring?

  4. Your garden is looking gorgeous - all your hard work these past couple of years has certainly paid off - so too getting rid of the lawn at the front.

    Love your little boy - he is just gorgeous

    I haven't started my seeds off yet - it has been too cold - sunny, but cold!


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