Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Everything is sprouting

How exciting is that, our long winter appears to be going!!

I am having so much fun with Darcy, I have been forgetting to look around the garden and blog!!! I'm sure the novelty will wear off when he starts digging big holes everywhere lol!!

The seedlings in the greenhouse are all transplanted now they had grown so much since this pic, I have an assortment of tomatoes, Cherry, Moneymaker, Sungold and a Plum. Sungold are my absolute favourite and I like the Plum ones for sauce making.
I have grown at least 6 varieties of chilli, totally mad I know, but when we went to Jamie Oliver's Restaurant, he serves a chilli jam, and it is to die for and this is what I intend to make this year!!

The cucumbers have grown the best I have ever achieved, I shall have cucumbers coming out of my ears!

This is one of K's pots she planted up when she lived in the shared house when she first moved up to Worcester September last year. She was so unhappy there that we helped finance another move to a flat, but sadly it has no garden, so I gained the pots. Thank you very much they are beautiful.

Just look at the iris, fabulous colour!!

My window box, by comparison is deadly boring! My argument is that this is on the north side of the house and gets no sun whatsoever through the winter!!

A couple of very large crocus in my tulip pots. Which are growing wildly!!

Oriental Poppy eager to put on a good display!

First primrose, always makes me smile!

Forsythia, no matter how you say it, I can't decide if I like this or not. It flowers on the last years growth so after flowering, which will be soon, cut it back and it grows into a boring green bush. But a cheerful splash of colour at a time of year that it is needed!

Oh! Um!

Dogus followus, new species only found in my garden!! lol!

Climbing Hydrangea.

Queen Elizabeth Rose, such a beautiful pink and a lovely scent!

and finally my Hellabore, quite late for me and not such a big clump, not sure why!!

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  1. Everything's looking lovely, Libby. I do like K's container, she's planted it up beautifully, she's obviously inherited your gardening genes. Glad you included a snap of Darcy.


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