Friday, 5 March 2010

Mr Darcy

is living in my house, I am such a lucky lady, he is dreamy, handsom, a little bit naughty

do you remember this, best part of the film...............

swoon, sadly its not that Mr Darcy, mine is slightly shorter and has four legs and a tail

he arrived last Monday, after much deliberation, we had talked about it for months. I have always had labradors, as far as I was concerned they where the best. Hubby had labs and dachsunds. I met a dachsund on our visits to South Africa, they where alright but I never liked the smooth coat, so we looked and found (very few around) a Wire Haired Dachsund Breeder,

she lives as the crow flies less than 3 miles away and had a dog and a bitch available now! It was an accidental mating, so although he has a pedigree as long as your arm, he can't be used for breeding, fine by me!

He was also a little bit older than your average pup, being 13 weeks, but he has settled in so quickly, sleeps through the night, no crying, at all. We have had 2 completely dry nights too!

He is so funny he makes me laugh and fills some of the long days alone I have.


  1. Wonderful news Libby! Looking forward to the many tales which you will have to share!

  2. I've fallen in love, he's absolutely gorgeous. Dachsunds are my son's favourite breed of dog, I think you've made a wise choice.

  3. Mr Darcy is gorgeous, what a great companion he will be. And he might even help you dig in the garden without being asked!!!!
    What fun to have a new puppy in the house. I have always had cats and dogs throughout my life, but now that the boys are grown up and I am on my own, I'm quite glad to be dog and cat free, but maybe one day I might change my mind, you never know.
    Have lots of fun with your new baby.

  4. Mr Darcy - love it!!!

    Every time I see Colin Firth in something from now on, I'll think of your pup :-)


  5. Yay for dogs!! - So cute! ;)

  6. He is just gorgeous - do the cats like him too. How I would love a wee dog


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