Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dicksonia antarctica and more garden plans!

The weeding I did earlier in the week was not the best thing to do! My back is creaking! This is not good as I'm off to Chelsea Flower Show next week!!

After seeking advice from the Hardy Tropicals forum about what to do with my tree ferns, as no crozier's have come through, I had a dig around in the small one, and all this came out rather too easily

until I got down to here

where we spot a bit of white, so all may not be lost but will probably be very slow, anyway fingers crossed.

The big one on the other hand

as you can see has some green showing, so I shall leave it for awhile and see how it goes. Maybe the rain that we are forecast will help!

Last year I talked about doing something with my front garden that actually reflects my love of 'jungle type' plants. This year I hope to actually do something! I am definitely keeping the window box. Dad made that many, many years ago and its teak. I remember them (there are 2, mum has one) being at my childhood home which has got to make them 40+ years old!
I am thinking about planting this with Coleus and some ferns.... maybe???

The bench will be moved, and the clematis is going to be planted in the ground further up the drive so it can clamber over the fence!
I am going to put a bamboo or grass, like Arundo, in a pot to hide the cupboard where hubby keeps all the car stuff. A second pot with maybe a Cordyline in, next to it, roughly where the bench is now.
Then just behind the wall build a raised bed and plant with hardy ferns, tree ferns, alocasia's and colocasia's. They should all love it here as it is north facing so gets very little sun.
Well that's the plan and as we know plans are always made to be broken!!!!!!


  1. I hope your back eases up in time for the Chelsea flower show. I find that since I no longer bend to weed, my back has been much better. I use a gardener's kneeling pad, and providing I stand and stretch every few minutes, which you usually do anyway to move to another spot, I'm fine.
    The plans for the front garden sound good, I don't see why it can't be done with a little help from some willing labourers..!
    Have a good weekend.
    Ours is cool and wet..!

  2. Libby: Tuck my into your pocket when you go to the Chelsea garden show!!! I can only dream of seeing it!
    I know the discomfort of aching back and knees as a fellow gardener! OUCH!! Sit with your feet
    up for a few days before going to the show!

  3. Hope your back feels a bit better.
    Have a great time at Chelsea. I'll be watching on the TV.

  4. I see you have one of those lovely British front doors that open halfway! Gorgeous. But we never see them here in Canada as it would be far too cold and drafty in our severe winters.

  5. I found your blog through Slogbite. What beautiful photos and a wonderful blog you have. Enjoy the flower show.

  6. My Dicksonia is looking pretty dead too - but I'm leaving it alone in hope some new fronds will eventually appear. I'm off to Chelsea tomorrow (Wednesday). I will try to ignore the aching back and legs but I think a couple of painkillers will be required!

  7. Hope your back eases up, Libby :)

    I look forward to your new planting in your front garden...maybe you will come home inspired by the plantings at Chelsea :)

    I'm enjoying the cottage gardens best. I need soul and romance in a garden and the big gardens don't touch my soul this year. give me cottage favourites any day...though I love your tropical exotica, Libby, as I can't grow any of these plants :)

  8. Sounds like a great plan to me Libby. My front garden is splashed all over my blog if you'd like to take a peek. ;-)

    Hope your back held out and you got to enjoy Chelsea!

  9. Oh, coleus would look superb in the window box or maybe that ornamental kale. The yellow door is an inspired touch.

  10. Missing you Libby. Hope what ever's keeping you eases up soon. x


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