Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Dream....

A new couple have joined the Hardy Tropics forum and posted pics of their garden last year. You can read and see more here

This is their garden...

that is what I'm aiming for but sadly I don't think I'm there yet

This is the top of my garden last year

which is going to look very, very different this year as the big green banana has died! I don't suppose I will ever get a similar look as mines in a straight line. They also have alot of under planting and this is something I must try to do better with!

This is down by my pond last year

I really love this but again we have lost the banana so will not have the same feel this year as there will be a hole in the middle!!

I think that there are some people who have an 'eye' for design and can achieve that look! Yolanda over at Bliss is one of these people and this new couple on the Hardy Tropics forum.
I know to you, mine probably looks great, but then I do take the photos, so make sure you get the best view! I have a long way to go!

I am sorry I haven't been visiting you regularly but its been pretty hectic here and this month is worse, I haven't forgotten you!


  1. It looks brilliant, but then I think your's looks brilliant too. No garden would have the 'wow' factor if they were all the same now would they?

  2. Sorry to hear about the banana... was it just too harsh for it this last winter? But in spite of that, I think your garden looks great with all the foliage and different greens and varied testures and shapes. I only wish I was as ambitious as you in my garden, but so far I've only managed some daffs, tulips and a few perennials. Now I'm wondering if I can get the lawnmower started by myself, it hasn't been in action since last October.

  3. Hi Libby......sorry you lost the banana plant, it was a beautiful feature......

    I love your garden Libby.....we all dream of doing things bigger and better......but for me, the garden is about the pleasure I get from it and the connection.....

    Hope you are well and life is not too stressful.......


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