Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bee........... Happy!

The bees are loving the cardoon flowers.

They get in and sort of roll around,

then become very still.

Love watching them.

My Cycas Revoluta, has had the most amazing flush. I have had this a number of years now and although it has flushed most years, it has excelled itself this year. It is huge, the fronds are enormous and for me it has flushed a lot earlier than it has done before.

I don't think I have done anything different,

I love my garden.

Variegated Agave Americana a very neglected plant, I occasionally water it as I walk past, but every year it gets bigger and bigger, I wish it was hardy, it would look amazing in the arid bed. I think next year it may need to be re-potted!!

My Agave Montana has just opened up some new leaves. I find them fascinating. The marks made on the leaves whilst they are wrapped around the central point are really defined, but, the amazing thing is they remain for years.

Quite fascinating.

My two newly planted 'spikeys' like where they have been put.

The garden is enjoying the rain, even though the work I need to do would be a lot easier if it was dry and cool!!!

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  1. Really really gorgeous, the whole garden! I love the markings on the agave.


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