Sunday, 6 August 2017

Today I Have Been Digging!!

Not normally recommended for someone with a bad back and shoulder, but I thought, why should I pay someone to come and do something I know I can do. I can have a couple of 'indoor' days to recover. So went for it!!!

Remember the big yellow & green bush (on right of pic)

Well I sort of cut it back ........................... a lot!!!

and planted my new Butia

think its going to look good in a few years.

Having done this relatively easily, and no one around to tell me to stop, (hubbies not well) I carried on digging!

This is the lower part of the garden and to be honest is the most neglected, mainly because I'm not sure what to do with it. I have battled my neighbours plants coming through for years, she has a snowball plant, can't remember what its called, but it prefers my garden to hers. Plus a very large Euphorbia which has spread through the whole length of this bed and now it is in the grass.

So the plan is to dig out everything I don't want or like and spend the rest of the year weed killing anything that shows its head above soil.

I was surprised how relatively easy it was to do and very pleased I did not pay someone to do it. Plus I had the company of two little baby robins, who enjoyed all the grubs etc.

I have now come in to record it on my blog, my back and shoulder are bad, my elbows ache a lot, (they always do after working in the garden) and the middle toe I broke earlier in the week is killing me. Maybe I shouldn't make heavy digging a regular occupation!!!

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