Saturday, 22 July 2017

Water v Rain

No amount of watering with a hose can do to a garden what rain can do.

I have decided that rain is the rocket fuel for plants. The pot above had been at the front of the house, since I moved it to the patio it has gone mental.

This year I decided to grow some of my Eucomis in pots. I am so glad I did as they look amazing and you can really see them properly.

Dahlia. When I was a youngster and mum and dad grew dahlias in their garden I hated them. They always seemed to be full of earwigs. But now I love them, and I don't have the problem with earwigs. You can get some really beautiful ones now, I just have to master the art of overwintering them.

The Paulownia is heading for the sky.

Stunning Cardoon, I have had loads of flowers this year, probably about 12, all the insects and bees love them.

The lower 'jungle' bed.

Looking back up the garden under the Trachy.

Phormium, must be close to 20 ft.

Evolving side bed.

The new Butia is still in its pot, I have to remove the large bush before planting it, but I'm tempted to keep it in a larger pot as I like the height it is.

The Arid bed enjoying the rain, I sometimes forget to water them during the summer. Living in the UK I assume that because its cooler they don't need the water as much. But you can literally see them grow after its rains.

Pond, don't you just love the Zebra grass.

The other side of the arid bed, so green.

In the process of dismantling the coal bunker.

Not had much chance to get out in the garden this week as I have had my mum staying. I do miss it.

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