Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rain & Phormium...... again!

We have rain!! How exciting, unusual for someone in the UK to get excited about rain, but it has been sadly lacking. The verges have been turning brown, the lawns have cracks in and any watering done, takes hours!!! That is a dedicated gardener for you, not me of course!

The last time I remember the verges being brown was 1995, how do I remember, well we had been out to South Africa to visit hubbies family and came back expecting to see green and it was an expanse of brown. S.A. was greener!!!

I think the month of June 2017 on The Woodlands World Blog shall be dedicated to ............


Have I not gone over the top about it? We had some electricians in the week before last who commented on my garden as a whole, then asked what does a Phormium flower look like? I have no idea, I said, I have never seen one.

Its still growing 

there are nine flower spikes now.

The following two photos where taken from the first floor bedroom window, which I think gives you an idea as to how tall they actually are.

Is there much more going on in the garden? To be honest I have no idea, its been too hot for me to be outside, fortunately my Arid bed requires little attention at this time of year. The rest gets a watering late at night. That's about it!


  1. How exciting that your phormium is going to bloom! I hope that your weather cools down a bit so that you can enjoy being outside during the day and not just have to rely on vampire gardening hours.

    1. lol, 'Vampire Gardening' hours, love that!! Yes really glad it has cooled down!

  2. So glad rain has arrived, our gardens need it! So impressed with your phormium, just shows how happy it is where you planted it and it's rewarding you with a spectacular show!

    1. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that all the other Phormiums around here are also flowering. I wonder if its like when you buy a new car ... everyone seems to have one lol!


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