Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Garden .......... currently!

Sadly this is not 'all'  my garden, mine is the skinny bit down the middle, with the shed and the chimney in. The shed houses the biomass boiler and the 'runway' down the middle of the garden was my hubbies idea.
This is my bit of England, out in the middle of rural Wiltshire. I love it here.  We have no rear access, so everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes through my house.

Paulownia tomentosa  pollarded again and aiming high!!

Its amazing what a bit of rain can do?

Sonchus Arboreus in the centre

Sonchus Canariensis

Chenopodium giganteum, these have self seeded everywhere and can easily hit 6ft.  shall have to move these as they are close to the front of the bed.

My cardoon is enormous,  can't wait for them to flower.

Brahea Armata, strange palm, well I think so, should be a blue grey colour, never has been in my garden, still sending up new spears.


Dasylirion Serratifolium

remember I weed killered around this, you can see the damaged fronds, but the main plant looks fine  so I shall trim off the lower fronds and hopefully be able to see if the creeping weed (toad flax)comes back.

My beautiful Yucca Rostrata, how this has grown since I first got it.

This Agave goes from strength to strength.

what amazes me most is the fabulous markings which remain on the plant for years.

My passion flower, very hardy!

Well I could not finish this post without a pic of my Phormium lol!!! For reference I'm 5ft 9ins!!!


  1. Amazing what a combo of rain and a warm spell can do, your plants have responded very nicely!

    1. Thank you, I have a long way to go before I get anywhere close to your wonderful garden x


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