Friday, 26 July 2013

Biomass Part 5 + Garden

A few hiccups here and there but things move on.

The rocket is installed.

The plinth for the base which will hold the boiler and store is underway.

We are having the patio relaid properly, with proper foundations. When the builder dug down we thought it made the jungle look far more impressive, looking up. We asked if a lower patio could be done, but because of the lay of the land we would probably have ended up with a swimming pool.

Looking back up the patio, the brick wall is fading already, it did look rather orange when it first went up. It has already helped my 'micro climate' as it is now warmer on the patio than it has ever been before.

Due to a miscommunication, the coal bunkers will have to be moved (again) as apparently the boiler has a side door to access the ash removal!!!!

This clematis used to climb an arch I had here years ago, I thought it was dead but it has come back better than ever this year, climbing through the bamboo like a good un!

Gloriosa clambering through the trachy.


Indian Bean tree, which once I have space will be dug out!

The tree ferns, which I am hoping I can actually plant once all the work is done.

Lacy hosta's! They are coming out very soon!

Looking back up the garden

I am relieved that the garden is not open this year as this bed is looking very sad!

Something is happening here

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