Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bio Mass Part 4

I do feel sorry for the builders, the weather has been unbelievably hot, I have gone through litre bottles of squash, ice cubes, and bottles of water in the fridge to keep them well hydrated. Anyway it was a bit quieter on the plumbing front but should re start Monday.
I have the most awful cold!!! For goodness sake where on earth did I get that!!!!
So the latest:
Clanger  and Alien are thrilled that a rocket has come to take them home!!!

This was the wall on Thursday

Yesterday 2 guys came to take the Rayburn

This is now a very empty space. I am very sad, as much as I cursed the dust and dirt, I loved it. It has been the heart of our home for 21 years. We now have a very empty space to fill, we do eventually plan to buy an Everhot cooker. But do need to save up for it, which could be a couple of years. So what to do with this space till then???

In the meantime the wall was finished Friday, looks so much better than the old grey one,

The trench for the cabling from the exterior boiler to inside the house has now been dug.

We have had alot of problems with disease in the pond over winter, because of the treatments I think this affected the balance in the pond. We have had masses of blanket weed and green yuk etc and I have tried just about everything to clear it. After a major internet search I found Hydra Crystal plus Aquatic Bacteria Boost and we can now see the bottom of the pond. It was that bad we needed to do two treatments.

As you can see we can now see to the bottom.

My beautiful Indian Bean Tree, Catalpa Bignonioides has got Verticillium Wilt disease, it is in the soil and there is nothing we can do about it. According to instructions we have to chop it down and grass it over for 15 years!!!!

which could prove difficult as I have no grass in this area. Really not sure what to do as once this is chopped down my garden will be unbalanced. Needs some thought. ..........

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