Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bio Mass Part 5

The buiders are being held up, having dug me a lovely 'moat' well it is after the rain last night, we need the special pipe that will connect the house to the Woodpecker, Cosyman, Biomass boiler. Then all the muck that was dug up can be backfilled.

As they where stood around leaning on their spades we decided to get the patio relaid (properly) so thats whats happening at the moment. The slabs have been lifted and offered on Freecycle. The scalpings have been ordered and so they have started digging out.

The front looks like this. Thats our 2nds skip. Slabs are stacked and ready to be collected. Nobody seems to want the old coal bunkers so they will go in the next skip. The bricks will be edging the concrete pads for the boiler and hopper. Beyond that is the gravel & sand for the concrete, then the scalpings.  Just round the corner on my neighbours drive is the sand for packing around the pipe in the trench.

I am so lucky to have such good neighbours.

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