Sunday, 3 June 2012

Take 2,

I have had a slight problem with the 'Living Wall'. The plants where wilting and dieing even though I was watering etc. Bearing in mind I planted it in very extreme temps. Nothing I did seemed to help so after a chat to the lovely and very helpfully people at 'Garden Beet' where I purchased the 'Wally Pockets'.
This was the wall after I first planted it
it was decided that I needed to unplant them, change the soil mix, check the drip watering system, which I am pleased to say was working well . I did a balancing act along the top of my coal bunkers and unplanted the pockets, you can see my arm in the top left of the picture. Hubby was under strict instructions not to include me in the pic. Lol!

So here we have 'Take 2'. The weather is now very cooler, so lets hope this solves the problem.

I have been working like a 'trojan' this last week. I love it, time just flies for me when I'm out here.

The veg bed has at long last got something in it! I am currently working on the flower bed. The greenhouse is practically empty apart from the tomatoes. I have had to pull the 'Butia' in to the greenhouse as the temps are a due to drop even further. Possibly 6C tonight,  is worrying, so later  we shall be out fleecing the tropicals, just in case. Being in a frost pocket I just can't risk any damage. It is a first for me to have the fleece out in June!!

Right I am off to watch the Jubilee events. I am having a day off today!

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  1. Those plant pockets are black which would absorb the heat and get quite hot, so perhaps the plants roots didn't like the warm soil, just a bit too hot! But the wall will look marvellous once the plants start to grow.


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