Saturday, 16 June 2012

Operation Pond

The infection in the pond has worsened, we have found a number of dead fish, even though we have been treating them. So yesterday we took a sample of water to 'Water World' Swindon and had a long chat with the guys there. The water quality was fine which we where thrilled about. So a plan of action was hatched, we have to do a partial water change then add another treatment which we have been told will work with one treatment.

So we took the opportunity to use the vacuum and clear out the muck at the bottom of the pond

This is one of the really poorly fish, not that the picture shows it so well

Then whilst we where refilling the pond we also gave the pond patio a good scrub

Came up quite well I think.

Refilling the pond

With the treatment added. It turns the pond a wonderful psychedelic green. Quite impressive! So fingers and toes crossed this will work, as we have some quite old and large fish which we would be sad to lose.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed all will be well now.

    What a palaver though - poor you

    Did you see those living walls on Gardeners World Live last night - they were brilliant. I rather fancy having a go myself. I had never heard of or seen them until you put yours up!

  2. Poor old fishies, let's hope they don't turn bright green too! Good that you got some professional advice. Let's hope the new treatment works.

  3. Poorly fishes! Sorry to hear they're not doing well but hopefully they will get well and recover quickly with the intervention you have done. Cross fingers! Keep us updated how they get on with the treatment and all.

  4. I hope the treatment worked, it would be sad to lose the old fish. The pond looks great, let us know if the fish recover.


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