Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2 Weeks & 5 Days

Not that I'm counting of course. Still lots to do... we have been cleaning the patio as it gets so grubby over winter, 

Usually I use a jet wash, but end up wetter than the patio, this year we found this rather 'doody' brush which has some wire bristles in it. You can see how well its worked in the pics above. Yes its a bit of hard work but to be honest we found it quicker than the jet wash!

The living wall is coming along, I have 3 more plants to squeeze in, although it won't be totally 'green' its going to look alot better than it did!

My boxes full of sedums etc

Still keeping one or two plants in the greenhouse, along with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

I can't believe this is more stuff for the tip, we have already had a couple of skip loads, I shouldn't imagine this will be the last either.

My newly painted front door and windows. I am really pleased, at last the yellow, looks yellow again and not washed out.

 if anybody needs a painter I can recommend this guy wholeheartedly, he did some work for us last year too. Just contact me and I will forward his details to you.


  1. Everything is looking spick and span and flourishingly gorgeous in readiness for your open day.

    Love, your yellow door!

  2. The garden is coming on well Libby, and love the yellow door!


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