Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sowing Starts

Now I have my propagater and gro light I decided today was the day to start my seed sowing.

So out came my spread sheet (I am very organised this year) and my seed box and down to the greenhouse I went.

Mixing of seed compost and perlite, clean pots and seed trays, pencil and labels and the sowing began.

Some of my Maurelis's, one looking decidedly dead.

It has suddenly dawned on me, that with all the seeds I have bought, and soon to be sown, I shall have problems fitting all of them into the greenhouse once they start growing, maybe I shouldn't have given my other greenhouse to my sister.

My Bromeliards

Maybe I need to invest in some staging!

The current date for the 'Open Gardens' is 15th July, I would have liked a bit later, but its not bad.

I always keep a small pot of each of my pond plants, just in case I lose some.

Still waiting for the builder to come and OK the wall. Then I can get my 'Wooly Pockets'.

My lovely daughter and her boyfriend helped me move all the soil and the compost. We had such a laugh moving it as the soil had frozen!

Still browsing Ebay, well you never know what you might find!


  1. My goodness you are going to be so busy. Everything is looking stunning

  2. Hey Libby - shame we dont live closer, there are some huge greenhouses not far from us and you can rent them as long as they are not for commercial use!!!! Caro xxx

    1. You are joking?? How cool would that be, could you heat them? x


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