Monday, 13 February 2012

Propagator & GroLight plus.

You will remember my lovely huge propagater and beautiful growing light,

well, I have had problems with the plugs, they are quite odd shaped and did not like my sockets,

so I have done something all electricians will be telling me I shouldn't, I have plugged them into an extension!

I can assure everyone that I wish to be alive on the opening of my garden and that these cables are well out of the way of any water!

As you can see I have also put a time switch on the light plug. This has made switching on and off alot easier as I didn't have to remember when to do it. Initially I did wonder how long I should put the light on for. On the box it said 18 hours a day. But which 18 hours do you use? I plumped for 4pm to 10am, why? I have no idea it just seemed a good idea at the time. My daughter made me laugh when she said, don't the plants need to sleep? My answer 'I have no idea' lol! Do they?

Well it has worked I planted a load of Coleus seed and Nicotiana on 8th and they are all through.

Top 2 Nicotiana 'Only the Lonely' and 'Variegatum'

Kong varieties

Bog standard Bedding Coleus. I shall use this to fill gaps.

Basjoo, still upright and still firm. Not frozen firm if you see what I mean. Fingers crossed.

Fatsia, been hit by the frost, always looks bad but usually springs back quite quickly.

Inside the house I have one or two plants (wish I had a conservatory)

Lots on the trolley, 2 Bird of Paradise in front, one sending out a new leaf! I am sure they should be bigger?

My Cycas Revoluta I won off Ebay and some baby Alocasia's.

My big Alocasia, which flowered late last year and a couple of weeks ago was looking decidedly ill. So I moved it to where it is now, right by the radiator and it is looking so much greener and healthier.

an assortment of plants, including on the left another Strelitzia.

My Bougainvillea, is flowering, quite how I got it to do this I have no idea, neglect and watering, it really should be potted up.

Orchids, my daughter and I have a few of these. We each grow some and there is a bit of a challenge going on between us as to how many we can get to flower. She currently is better at it than me grrrrr!


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  2. do you have anywhere to sit in your house! i admire your dedication!

    1. Oh yes Clive, plenty of comfy chairs here, if I tried really hard, I might be able to squeeze in a few more plants.
      Wait till 21st, I have 2 new beauties arriving then!

  3. Don't worry too much about the plugs, you have to do what you have to do :)

    And you're not the only one with a house full of plants...

    1. As I said if I had a conservatory there would be alot more lol!!!

  4. Happy Valentines Day Mrs Greenfingers!
    I always used to have house plants and as of this moment I have to confess I don't have one!

    1. No plants 'shock! horror!' so what do you kill instaed lol!!!

  5. You are lucky to have a light in your propagator - must solve the lanky seedlings problem. Looking over at my Chilli seedlings I am feeling quite jealous.
    Every year I have the same proplem with those taller seedlings that dislike the cold. Once they come out of the small heated propagator I am a bit stuck. Windowsills are out of the question as they have radiators underneath and also curtains that knock pots off.
    BTW - the shelving in my greenhouse came with it though I chose to have more than originally supplied (can never have too many!)

    1. Quite jealous of all your shelving, if it ever goes missing you will know where to look!!!
      I must admit I'm wondering what to do with the seedlings once they get bigger as I have more that need to go in the prop! Conveyer belt I think!


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