Saturday, 18 February 2012


I always love planting seeds, but when they start poking there little leaves through the soil in large numbers, I begin to dread the pricking out.

Don't get me wrong, I love the initial pricking out, but after seedling number 100 (not that I count) it becomes boring, well it does to me.

but then they get bigger and I start to get excited as they grow bigger and stronger

then I start to get excited again.

I want to plant more seeds, but I am having to hold off for a week as I am off to my mums for a few days at the end of next week and hubby would probably kill any new seedlings. So seed planting will re-commence at the end of Feb!

Meanwhile out in the garden, the tulip and allium bulbs I planted in the autumn are already bravely poking there heads through.


  1. Fantastic - I haven't even started yet - I don't have a greenhouse or heating for them and it's too cold on our windowsills - and we have blinds so can't use them anyway

    I am so looking forward to seeing how they all grow and flourish and flower

    1. Me too, I am already having doubts on the greenhouse capacity v my list of seeds. Plus I have all the maurelli's to start watering at the beginning of March. We shall see who wins! lol!

  2. Nice to see so many seedlings coming up! Exciting times indeed!! :)


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