Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spending Money........... again

I have had a lovely week spending money!!!! I managed to get a couple of good bargains off Ebay as well.

Having bought one or 2 packets of seeds, I really need to get a move on

some of them need to be sown now, but really the light is not good enough. I have been talking for awhile about getting some lights in the greenhouse, when I came across one of these, just what I needed. especially as the light raises and lowers.

A couple of years ago I managed to get hold of a large propagator, when I saw this (on Ebay) at over half the price of a new one, plus it had extras, I just had to go for it!

Luckily I won it so I am looking forward to them both arriving.

This wood is for going around the veg beds, especially since we have had the new path laid, I really don't want lots of soil in the new gravel.
The sleepers currently in use at the moment will be used to raise the edge of all the other beds.
Thats Sassy, walking past, we don't see her out and about very much, she and Tango are 14 this year!

This Cycas Revoluta, another bargain buy from Ebay!

When I visited Will Giles at his Exotic Garden a number of years ago he had lots of pots full of different types of Bromeliad, which I loved. I managed to pick up a couple and have successfully overwintered them in my greenhouse, for a couple of years now. These have pupped and flowered like crazy so I decided as I seemed to be able to keep them alive I should add to my collection, so I have with a Aechmea Recurvata and a Neoregelia Carolinea var.Roseo-Striata -Tri-color Blush not for any other reason than I liked the look of them.

I am also going to have lots of 'none lacy' Hosta's this year, again I shall follow Will Giles lead and smear the bottom of all their pots with Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly. Lets hope it works! If not I shall send him a note!!!! lol!!

Well off to do some online browsing as it is raining!!! 


  1. Money well spent me thinks! So many seeds and new toys, it'll keep you busy for awhile too :)

  2. You opening your garden to the public will be a permanent feature methinks - after all those fabulous seeds have grown and all you luscious exotics - it'll be in the Yellow Book before long - that's for sure

  3. To be honest I would love to, but access is a big problem!

  4. Please please tell me.... why do you smear the hosta's bottoms with Vaseline? I've heard of Vaselining babies bottoms but never hostas!

    1. lol!!! You vaseline around the side of the pots about 2 inches wide and apparently the slugs and snails can't get over it!!!!! We shall see!


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