Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Ideas

With the weather being so mild and trying to get ahead of schedule for the grand opening, I have had to reign myself in alot, otherwise I would be out planting right now, which would not be the best of ideas.
So during my surfing trips and facebook trawls, I came across this idea

isn't it amazing, a Living Wall.

So then I started to do some research into this as I have a wall

above the coal bunkers that needs something doing to lift it. If you see what I mean. I can't grow anything underneath it, usually I put pots of plants along the top of them. But me being me, always need to go a little step further, I also like to be different and this should have a 'wow' factor.

So research began, I looked at varying ways that this could be done. I then drew up a spreadsheet. My hubby loves spreadsheets and I am more likely to convince him that this is a good idea if he can see the costs written down. Mind you once I showed him pics, he was sold.

The product I have decided will work best for us is Wooly Wally Pocket as I am pretty nifty with a drill and a screwdriver. I am waiting for our lovely builder to come back and fix our roof, whilst he is here I will get him to check if he thinks this wall is strong enough to support a 'Living Wall' and discuss the raised beds ideas.

Its all happening here!


  1. Your garden looks great. And I'm sure it will look even better when the time comes to open it up to the public. I like the idea of plants suspended on the wall. I'll keep popping into your blog to see how that Idea is coming along.

  2. It's a great idea for that wall Libby. And you can chop and change your planting every so often easily too, for that different look depending on your mood.

    Funny you mentioned about Wooly Wally Pocket as we were just looking at it at Wisley earlier, where they were reduced to 50% off. But I think their prices there were higher than others anyway so the discount just levels it a bit. Didn't buy any though as we're not ready yet to put one anywhere.

  3. Sounds like a good idea.
    With your green fingers it should be a doddle.
    I'll be back to see how things progress.
    Hugs ♥


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