Friday, 27 January 2012


Don't you just love catalogues especially at thie dreary time of year.

These all start arriving through my door November, December

I wonder if you can guess which is my favourite?

I have had lots more

far too many really.

Its been really bad this week as I have been confined to the house because I have been carless! Hubbies car is very poorly, so he uses mine, well he does earn the money!!!

Do you have a favourite Catalogue?

Do you get one I don't?

If you think I would like it do let me know..... please x


  1. You actually have a lot more than we do, great selection there especially chiltern seeds and jungle plants.

    What about CGF catalogue? Worth adding to your list :)

    1. Didn't know CGF did a catalogue, will have to look into that!! Thanks x

  2. I dont think there are any more are there!!! lol
    Little sis xxx

    1. I am sure there are loads more I would like lol!

  3. You don't have the Marshalls one there - I think it's all veg, but it's a really informative catalogue, could almost double as a "how to do"/gardening calendar.

    BTW I've activated your account on the CTnY forum :-D

    1. Ah ha, Marshalls will look into that. One I did forget was Victoriana Nursery Gardens, mainly because they e-mail their catalogues!
      Thanks for activation x

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