Saturday, 4 June 2011

Jungle Planted!

We have had a hectic couple of weeks, last weekend we drove from our house to my mums (Cheshire) to the coast of East Anglia, for a funeral, back to Cheshire then next day then back home the day after. 4 Days of driving certainly takes it out of you! Especially when there where accidents all over the show!!!

Anyway hubby promised me this weekend for 'jungle' planting! So we started at about 8.30am today clearing all the bark chipping and laying out all the plants we have to go out.

We started first with the tree ferns. This is the advantage I have compared to other 'jungles' I can change mine every year, move it, within reason to where I fancy it, which to be honest suits my personality. Anyway, a friend from a forum I go on gave me a wonderful idea as to what could be done with a dead tree fern, so I wanted this to be Incorporated with the living tree ferns, and you will see it develop over the next few months!

Then came the planting of the main plot

most of these are reasonably easy to plant its when we get to the big 'nanas' things go pear shaped!

The banana in this pic has been in that pot for 2 years now, so we decided it needed to have its soil refreshed. It was so difficult to get out and nearly killed us! but during the re-planting we found that the centre of this seems to be totally rotten, but yet it keeps growing. I have no idea why, but we shall see, I think next year we will start again I am not sure we could move it again!!

This is the root growth of my Tetrapanax Papyrifer Rex it had only been in this pot 4 weeks. I had planned to put it in a larger pot so today was the day and it surprised us both at the extent of root growth!

This is the rest fo the plot, not so many 'nanas' this year!

If you had seen my Caster Oil plant a month and a half ago you would have said like me 'that's had it!' But as you can see it hasn't at all it grows with great gusto!

This week I got my knee brace, this is to help reduce the pain I have been getting! Its by no means heavy, but I have found I am walking funny, not deliberately it just seems to be happening, anyway I have an appointment with the physio and orthotics lady I was seeing before I was referred on the NHS, this week.
It makes my leg sweat and to be honest I never thought my leg sweated before, but it does now, then it feels wet, cold and slimy!!!!!
I know it is something I will have to get used too. On the plus side, the pain has eased in my knee but increased in my right ankle and hip! I suspect because I am walking differently! We will persevere!!!


  1. Looks like you have it ready to enjoy for the summer. Impressive work, especially with that brace. I hope you can get it balanced out to relieve the pain without creating pain in a different place! It must take some getting use to. Happy June - Paula

  2. Thank you Paula, we will persevere, I won't give in!

  3. My word, that's shapely knee you have there. :-)
    Good luck with all your tropicals this summer, your garden is beginning to take shape.

  4. Shammickite: I laughed at 'shapely knee', I have my fathers legs HUGE!!!! lol!!

  5. Quite a hectic schedule there! Nothing like good old gardening to relax after doing all that driving :) Garden's looking good btw! Looking forward to the progress of the modified 'tree fern', I'm curious how it goes on. That T-Rex will look fab!

    I hope you'll feel much more comfortable soon with your knee (and brace!) :)

  6. Spent another day in the garden today, slowly coming together. Knee brace is ok just wish it wouldn't slide down my leg!!!

  7. Your poor knee!
    I hope they get you sorted out soon.
    Your garden is looking very tropical, but what hard work, I'm sure that doesn't help your knee.
    The results are worth it though from what we can see.
    Is your castor oil plant perennial?
    Ours only do a season, and winter finishes them off in short order.

  8. Your garden is looking stunnning - so wonderful to have an (almost) instant garden when you put the pots out

    Hope they can make your knee brace more comfortable for you


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