Friday, 20 May 2011

In the Garden!

I have been busily pottering around in the garden and practising my nails..... did you know I was training to be a nail technician? All my youngest daughters fault, and I had no previous interest in it but am now totally hooked, which causes great hilarity as I am supposed to have nice hands and nails when I do my training!!! not!
Anyway I digress my potted bananas needed some trimming and after asking on the tropical blogs it was suggested that I trim the bases back from this

to this

I was a bit concerned as I now only have two of these left but decided to go for it. Anyway it is still standing and hasn't gone limp so it maybe ok!

Meanwhile in the veg plot things are coming on a pace,

the first bed which I forgot to photograph has onions and hopefully parsnips in. The next bed has sweetcorn, pick again salads, spring onion, beetroot and peas. In the background you can make out bags and pots of potatoes.

In this bed more peas, will have courgettes, spinach, more sweetcorn and climbing French Beans.

Broad Beans, courgettes and alpine strawberries

Strawberries and another row of French Beans

In my last post I showed you down by the pond, you can see our Orfe, he is huge now!!

so this time I am looking back up the garden to where we actually sit

so you can see the mess, I have still to tidy this all up.

I would really like to grow something up the fences, but this bed is so small and very dry, especially with the hedge overhanging. I can soon chop it back but that doesn't solve the problem of the dry bed.
Any suggestion gratefully received!

To finish with, my Indian Bean tree looks like it needs something added, as its not supposed to be this yellow,

but then again neither is my neighbours Laural Hedge,

we wonder if there is something in the ground that could be causing this? As they are in direct line with one another!

Next time I post I hope to have the jungle planted!!


  1. Your garden is looking fantastic and what a huge vegetable area. It'll be stunning later in the summer when it is packed with all your planned veggies.

    The only thing I can recommend for your dry bed area is to either grow things up the fenc -planting them in a trough, or grow bag or a raised bed filled with soil

  2. I used to have a huge veggie garden but now I have virtually no garden at all.... just about 20 sq feet suitable for a few bushes and some annuals to provide a bit of colour. However I live within walking distance of a Farmer's market where fresh veggies are sold in season so there really isn't any point in me yearning to have my old veggie garden back. But I admit it is lovely to know that you can provide your own food!

  3. Shammickite:- oh to have any shop within walking distance! My nearest 'little' shop is a 40 minute walk, one way and that is only basics at inflated prices!!

    Lottie, I like the idea of a raised bed, it set me thinking that maybe I could move the retaining wall out a bit?? Big job... needs some more thinking!!!

  4. It's all looking lovely. Won't climb up the fence but what about lavender or some Mediterranean herbs round the patio? It'll smell gorgeous

  5. Auntie Noo- excellent idea I could then have something climbing under planted with herbs..... I can smell it now lol!!

  6. It always amazes me how far ahead your gardens are!
    Ours is coming along, but we still have tulips in bud!

  7. HI Libby, the garden's coming on well! And nice to see the orfe doing so well too :)

    Looking forward to seeing your coming 'jungle' shots :)


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