Sunday, 15 May 2011

Middle of May 2011

We have been spoilt with the weather the last few weeks, according to Gardeners Question Time (BBC Radio 4) the allotments are 5 weeks ahead!! So to me that's 5 weeks more growing time!!
After a cold winter I had unusually quite a few losses in my heated greenhouse. I am down to 4 Brugmansias? and only 2 of my Maurellis came through.

I have found one or 2 shoots at the side of one or two pots which are being encouraged.

The T-Rex has been re-potted, I know it should go in the ground but I have already lost one in a previous winter, I will see how this goes and if necessary use big pots!!

My Gunnera is half the size it used to be, but half is better than nothing!

My tree ferns also survived although I believe if I had left them outside I don't think they would have! I have split and repotted some of my bamboos as well!

The Hardy Bananas are just that Hardy! The first pic has been in the ground all winter in fact for a number of years now!

This one I bought last year and had in a pot last year which got moved into the Greenhouse over winter and got planted out a couple of weeks ago, this is also supposed to be a hardy one so its in the ground now so we shall see! I do like the striping on this!

The pond at 7am this morning, this is a favourite place of mine.

The jungle area at the moment

a mess

but just look what it looked like in July last year

then September.

Not long to wait considering how quickly time passes. I only wish it looked like this for more of the year!


  1. Good to see the plants and the garden coming on well Libby! Mind you, not bad with the Maurelli (we lost all of ours).

    I do love you pond, lovely mix of planting and fish and must be so relaxing spending time looking at it :)

  2. Yes it is a favourite area, it still needs sorting though, if I took a pic from the other direction you would understand lol!!!

  3. I'd love to sit by that pond with a cuppa tea and a chocolate biccy! I wish you well in getting all those plants sprouting... don't you wish the winters were not so hard on the garden. I've moved to a smaller house with a very tiny bit of flower garden so I couldn't possibly have as many gorgous plants as you do! Your garden last your was sumptuous!

  4. Thank you, it has sort of developed and still keeps changing lol!! I have been trawling and bidding on Ebay...... very naughty!! but so much fun !!!


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