Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Garden Fund

I shall tell you about hubbies plan for a 'Garden Fund' in between keeping you updated with pics from the garden!!

Beginning planting out

Now we know hubby is being made redundant and if he does not get another job we will have to live on his pension.

This is a leaf of the 'Tandara Red'. This is such a huge banana that I am keeping it in a pot, this year.

So he informed me the other day we will have to have a gardening fund!!!

from the side

Eek! thinks I, who is used to popping out and buying bags of compost, grow bags, plants etc when ever I fancy.

Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove Tree) you can practically see this growing!

How on earth do you start planning how much to save for a garden fund?

Ensete Maurelli

I'm sure if he allowed me £100 a month I'd spend it, easily.

Brugmansia Grand Marnier, just beginning to flower.

So how much is enough?

Healthy looking Strelitzia Mandelas Gold

Already I have used 3 bags of multi purpose compost, 3 bags of Miracle grow water retention stuff and 3 grow bags and I still need more.

Treated exactly the same, an unhealthy Strelitzia

I need at least another 4 grow bags

Bamboo, going nuts

and probably another 6 multi-purpose compost!

Caster oil, badly hit over winter but coming back well!

Then of course when we pop out to the garden centres do the coffee and cakes come out of the gardening fund?

A Hibiscus I have had for years and neglected badly, but it keeps coming back!

Well I would say not, but I suspect he would say they do?

Bromeliads, which survived the winter in my greenhouse

I am trying to work out, roughly what I spend each year,

Banana pup

but I'm not sure I want to, I might scare myselfand have to tell him

Magnificent hosta, which I will split later this year!

I wonder if it will cover the garden shows I have started going to?

A New tree fern planted inside an old one.

I'm not sure I am going to enjoy living on a pension!

Which looks good from a distance.

But that of course is between you and me!!


  1. Oooh Libby, I shall not breath a word.
    I dread to think what I spend on fact, I just don't want to think about it.

    Loving your tropicals.....foxglove tree, very new to me....look forward to seeing that as it grows..

  2. How exciting having your husband at home. It takes a bit of adjusting too - but you soon get into a routine etc. Mine was made redundant around 14 years ago, and then I decided to stop working full time too - and mithered how we would afford it - but you do - and you save money in other ways. i.e. petrol/car expenses, etc. Then he'll get a redundancy package - so you might not even notice much of a difference overall.

    And you get a full time gardener too! Well I didn't, my love spends his time bowling, playing golf, watching sport, all of which keeps him fit, so I am happy. And he gets the shopping on the way home from his sporting activities. It's great living a retired life - and I am sure he'll soon feel a lot healthier, happier, and de-stressed.

    Wishing you both every happiness - and you'll probably get a willing 'driver' and go on lovely outings together - sounds like bliss.

    Your garden is looking stunning!

  3. So that will be garden tokens for birthday, Christmas and just because we are friends, then :o)

  4. You will manage it Libby, have no fear. Like you I have no clue on how much I spent on the garden each year but if needs must .....

    And it will be nice to have your hubby round more, don't you think?

    BTW Tara says woof to Darcy, I think she's in love. ;-)


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