Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 9 The Final Day of Snow

Some more pictures from Day 7, Wednesday,

Yet again hubby and T could not get to work/college

Our neighbour who owns his own business and is highly motivated, plus has a 4x4 left at 7am and returned at 8am saying all trains had been cancelled!!

It was stunningly beautiful

The Tracycarpus, struggling under the weight of the snow.

This was amazing, I know alot of people where getting fed up of it due to school closures, difficulty of getting to work etc etc. But I am trying to take in the beauty of it, how quiet it makes everything, how the cats love gambling in it like lambs.

The pond under its leaf protection, now covered in snow,

Here I have had to shake the snow off the bamboo's as the weight of it had bent them to the ground, and of course we had a snowball fight, which I lost as my husband is a cricketer so can throw a good snowball, but it was fun!

This was yesterday

and this is today

so the greyness returns to our world

and life becomes dull and dreary again or does it?


  1. Happy New Year, dear Libby :0

    Doesn't snow make everything pretty? I have enjoyed it too...come and see...

  2. We've had rain today, the first time since the snow fell, so the snow is getting washed away. I hate this inbetween stage of slush.

  3. I enjoyed looking at your snowy garden. The snow is beautiful when it is white :-) Ours has been washed away by the rain too. Still winter is not over yet and we may get some more.


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