Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 5 of Snow

On a trip down the garden, to check the greenhouse, we have had yet more snow and its really crunchy underfoot so good snowman making snow.

Snow covered Trachycarpus

Due to my 'pain depression' at the end of last year I downsized alot of my plants so managed to get them all into one greenhouse.

It has been keeping a good temp in here this year.

I have bubble wrapped and at the back the foil like stuff are those survival sheets/blankets they wrap round people after a marathon, I picked 2 up for a song on Ebay. I must admit I am impressed as not only has it help keep heat in it has reflected light as well.

Plus I have also draped fleece, tent like inside.

A stupid Brugmansia is in flower!

Going back up the garden, it is so beautiful, I like the snow alot!

I try and get out for a walk every day as I am determined to strengthen the muscles in my leg up!


  1. I love the greenhouse looking all cosy and warm for your gorgeous tropicals....

    You can have my snow as well Libby, if you like??

    Hope your pain problem improves......

  2. What a good idea to use the foil blankets. I would like another Brugmansia - interesting that you can overwinter it in this weather. I gave up growing them because I kept mine in a warmish conservatory over the winter and every pest in the area landed on it. A spell in the greenhouse might solve that problem - I have a heater on a frost setting.

  3. Day 5!!! I don't ever remember snow and cold weather lasting so long when I lived in Devon as a child. I've been seeing news items on the TV here about the snow and ice chaos in Britain. Even though here in Canada we are well prepared for bad weather with efficient snow removal equipment and warm clothing, it's still a real pain to put on boots and coat and hat and gloves every time you want to set foot outside.
    Stay warm, Libby!

  4. Hi Libby, isn't it amazing the amount of snow we're having and for how long it's been around? Like you I live in the country so the roads are made of glass here too.

    Your Brugmansia seems very confused but pretty.

    Glad to have you back and very relieved to find that your kne isn't painful anymore.


  5. Your garden looks lovely covered in snow. What a great idea those survival blankets are.


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