Sunday, 10 January 2010

Day 4 of Snow

I am still loving it, so much better than the usual greyness we often encounter at this time of year. Tons better than sleet and that awful slushy mess we have to live with. Yes, keep it coming I say!!!

My new hat,

when I was walking the other day, I get the most awful earache if its cold or windy, have always suffered with it since I was a child, so I bought myself a new hat to hopefully solve the problem. I will let you know.

Jake is the oddest of cats, in fact to be honest I'm not sure he knows he is one

he likes to snuggle in close to the back of the laptop!!!!!


  1. Well I am looking for a warm hat which will not flatten my hair - unfortunately this does not seem to exist. I will keep on trying. Yours looks warm.
    As for cats - they can be downright strange at times!

  2. Hi Libby....sorry to hear that you have not been feeling too hope that things improve soon.
    A hat is a must in this weather....I am hating it by the way. It is stopping me doing the things I want and need to....nevermind will grin and bear it.....

    Blowing my snow, your way!!!!

  3. Years ago I found a fleece type hat I really like. What a difference it makes! Glad you found one. It looks perferct. Glad my cats haven't found the heat at the back of the laptop. One already lays on the heater vents and another likes my lap between me and the laptop.


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