Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hecti Life!

Life has been very hectic and is currently extremely stressful.

No 1 daughter has a big 3 hour interview with presentation tomorrow. Did I tell you she got a 2:1 honours in her degree?

No 2 daughter gets her A Level results on Thursday, so my house is currently not the place to be.

I will keep you posted.

My jungle is HUGE! now but sadly I can't show pics as hubby dropped my new camera and it has broken :o(

We are inundated with wasps, my neighbours have had 2 nests dealt with and we believe there is another close by, but we haven't found it, which is worrying as my neighbour has to carry an 'epipen'!!

Back later in the week!


  1. oooh! I do wish your daughter every success, dear Libby :) I went through these heady days a few years ago with our two sons after their graduations...

    I am imagining how beautiful your tropical jungle is right now... :)

    Sorry to hear of your camera mishap...no chance of claiming through your insurance?

    at the bottom of the garden, away from the house, put lots of jam jars with jam at the top and water half-way down to catch those pesky stingers...

    Would you like to see the amazing variety of poppies I grew from seed this year?


  2. Congratulations to number 1 daughter, and good luck to daughter number 2. I will keep my fingers crossed for her tomorrow.
    I hope you manage to find the wasp nest. I really don't like wasps.

  3. Wildlife gardener has given you very good advice for catching those horrible wasps, I wish I had thought of that!
    Good luck to your daughters, it's nervewracking waiting for those exam results isn't it? I've been away on vacation so I'm catching up with blogs but it seems that lots of people are away.... must be a popular time for holidays. Your "jungle" is amazing, all you need are some snakes and parrots and it would be complete!!

  4. Hope by now the wasps are gone, the camera is fixed, and daughter has passed with flying colours..!


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