Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Rain is Good for...........


we currently have lots.

My Garden..

my tropical border

this banana I grew from seed two years ago and it is going nuts this year!

the banana plantation that was cut to the ground over winter...

my agapanthus has been planted for 2 years andnever flowered till now!

my ginger survived the winter

by the pond is really lush now

look at the banana that was cut too the ground over winter, its enormous now!

My Zebra Grass has never looked so good..

and the T-rex

and finally a massive thank you to Ms Queen for this most wonderful shopping bag that was waiting for me on my return from holiday!

I LOVE IT!!!!!


  1. Libby your garden looks like a jungle...and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The tropicals are absolutely amazing......

    Agapanthus, so envious, just love them.....can't keep them here.....

  2. I can't believe how your garden has sprung to life, Libby. Your plants certainly grow alot in just one season.

  3. Libby - you have rain?! We need some. Your garden looks great! Any guests in your wildlife stack? I have started one, but haven't posted it as still sorting out the top layer. Such a pretty bag, too. Paula

  4. Your tropicals look absolutely entralled with all the wet weather... they obviously thrive on it! I've been watching the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square on line and you seem to be having lots of rain. But it doesnt stop the plinthers, they are haveing a whale of a time.

  5. I am pleased your tropical plants continue to do so well! It is quite cold over here and yes we have plenty of slugs too! Our agapanthus hasn't flowered yet but then it is new this year. Your garden looks great.

  6. Its all looking good - love the bag

  7. The Banana Belt of Wiltshire is looking like a Caribbean isle - a little salas and some cha,cha,cha and no one would be the wiser.

  8. Your gardens are so gorgeos and exotic. Lovely pictures!


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