Monday, 4 June 2018

The Good and the bad!

Well the good is that one of my Hiniba's has successfully sprouted babies, not as many as I had hoped, but some are better than none.

Lots of good roots

So I have successfully separated them and will just bring them on a bit more before I sell them. Really chuffed to pieces about this.

The bad is both my tree ferns :( My big one I have had for over 10 years, it came through the bad winter of 2009/ 2010 fine, but its not looking good.

Although not a photo of my tree fern this was 2013, we had loads more snow.

compared to the winter just gone.

Normally at this time of year I have lots of green fronds unfurling and I thought I had the start of some

but they are black, which I found out is not good. I was told that I need to get theses out as they could be stopping the healthy fronds from growing.

So last night I went out and pulled, not so very hard on the black fronds, which came away rather too easily.

This is the pile from just one of the ferns, its not looking good....

There is nothing there............

why oh why didn't I give them additional protection? Oh! Hubby has just reminded me I did, I put a duvet and tarpaulin over them both.

What on earth am I going to replace them with? Now hubby is not in his high powered job I can't afford the £200 to replace the big one. Totally gutted!


  1. The smaller one still has green on it, I wouldn't write if off yet.

    We have four tree ferns that are not showing any sign of life yet and one that has been very late in flushing.

    keep them wet and hopefully all is not yet lost.

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