Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

I got a camera for Christmas, so I can at long last take some decent photos.

The wind has been very bad today

I don't think I have ever seen the fronds on the palm like this.

Fortunately my protection structures remained upright and in one piece.

The fence panels are finally giving up.

They have been up for near 15 years and should really have been replaced before now, but its not our fence.

So I wedge them, tack chicken wire (as you can see below) so the dog can't get into the neighbours. Come Spring time, we shall invite the neighbours round to have a look!

The Arid bed is looking good

and cover seems to be holding up well to the wind too.

I might have to look at replacing the wood which supports all the gravel. I know the bed wasn't  constructed very long ago, but I used wood that had been the edging of the old veg beds and sadly it is rotting quite badly.

Life in the greenhouse continues

my palm is looking really bad, its a Washingtonia Robusta I have had it a number of years. Each summer I plant it out and it goes mental growing like crazy, then each autumn I dig it up and bring it in, as its not hardy. I usually lose a few fronds but this is the worst ever, it does not smell good either, so it maybe bye, bye time.

 Everything else seems fine

All my cuttings look good.

Just have to watch if the weather gets warmer

Quite fascinating some of the colours of the leaves.

The small Agave middle left is not looking good. I often wonder why some years the plants are fine then others even though you have done nothing different they curl up and die. Its rude!

My sonchus palmensis sees to be coping with greenhouse life, I hope it comes through ok as I am eager to see how it continues once its back out in the garden. I intend to start some more from seed as well as I really love them.

Cyphomandra Betacea is still fruiting and is looking good.

I even took some leaves off one of my succulents and they have rooted already.

All seems rosy in the greenhouse.

If you remember I treated our decking with Osmo Anti slip decking oil. I can highly recommend it. It was not cheap but totally, totally worth it, the patio at the top is like an ice rink, where as this decking is totally none slip!

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