Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Day with Sunshine.

We had a glorious day yesterday, really cheered me up. Started me thinking and looking through the plant catalogues which started arriving just after Christmas.

A photo to prove it was actually sunny, but one thing the sun does is show up the dirty windows!! But can you see whats on the windowsill...

Yep my gorgeous orchid. Funny plants, thrive on neglect, you just have to remember to occasionally water.

I have more or less decided on what I am doing out the front, something a bit different and may not work because it is north facing, but that has never stopped me giving it a go.
When out dog walking around the town (because its less muddy) I enjoy seeing what other people do. One thing that looks lovely (I think) is roses or honeysuckle round the doorway. This got me thinking..... being a cottage the height of the front door and the fact that the porch roof runs from the house towards the front door means there is not a lot of head room to actually have something growing round the door, but then, I thought there is nothing stopping me growing something either side of the doorway instead.

So I am on the lookout for some largish pots that I could stand an obelisk type of structure in. I will probably only use annuals in them, but we will see. Keep watching to find out what I do. Can't wait for spring.

Do your remember back in November I murdered my Hiniba?

Well they look very dead! But I have been assured that as long as they are not slimy or smelly there is till hope.

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