Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Autumn Colour

In a tropical garden in October.

The Agave has been phenomenal this year, I cannot believe how much it has grown

the colours are stunning too.

This red is a really, red, red. The photo does not do it justice sadly.

Ricinus flowers and seed heads. Since my old camera died I have had to manage with a little 2nd hand one I picked up and sadly it does not do the colours justice.

These are a stunning pinky red. I have never managed to get seed from them in previous years, heres hoping I will this year.

Echeveria 'Pinky' beautiful

Dahlias coming to and end now. I was never a big fan of dahlias, I can always remember Dad growing them and relating them to 'earwigs'. But now, well as you can see I am a bit of a fan!

Can't for the life of me remember the name of this next plant, it will probably come to me in the middle of the night sometime. Not quite sure where it came from, so I am assuming it self seeded.I have a couple around the garden but this is the best.

Canna, not my favourite but its bright. I know a lot of my 'Tropicals' friends leave these in the garden to over winter and the clump gets bigger and bigger. Not sure if I'm brave enough to chance it.

This Salvia is stunning, I bought 3 from Sarah Raven this year. Althogh all identical they have grown totally differently, 2 have hit 5ft easily and the 3rd about 3ft. The colour is a stunning purply blue. I am thrilled with them, I hope they survive the winter.

Apologies for the lack of posts, it has been a manic September, with nearly 1000 miles of driving to get us and my mum to my nieces wedding, then get mum home again in just 5 days. Prior to this my car died, so we had to hire one for the wedding, then hubby ended up in hospital. Then a car hunt to buy a new (to us) one.
I am hoping for a calmer October! I shall leave you with some pics from my nieces wedding.


  1. I love the hats at the wedding! They are fabulous.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous! The colours of the plants are so vivid. And what a lovely wedding. I especially like the chap with the beard poking his head into the last picture!

    1. That gentleman is my youngest husband, he is so lovely.


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