Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Winter Preparations

Just back from a visit to my mum. Whilst up there the garden had a frost, so now we are back I have started the big dig alone. First year I have done it all on my own. Hubbies back is still not good and the specialist has said he needs an MRI, but he can't have one until his eye (Cataract op) has healed more.

The plants get bigger every year, so every year I have to find cunning ways to help them fit in the greenhouse.

This Cycas Revoluta is magnificent but can go a really splodgy yellow and brown if it gets cold, so I wrap a bungee rope around it. This is one that will need a bigger pot next year.

My Cyathea Cooperi, has grown amazingly as well  this year, I shall pop it in a bigger pot next year.
Far to big to fit in the greenhouse.

So another bungee rope and I will also wrap cling film round the trunk to help keep it damp.

 Sonchus arboreus, I have a number of them round the garden but all apart from this one have frost damage.

 I love this and have been told that if you manage to over winter them they will be spectacular next year, so only one way to find out!!!

Another plant not hardy, I do like to make work for myself, Cyphomandra corymbifolia or Tamarillo.

remember the lovely little pink flowers that hung down, well we now have fruit.

so all potted up and we will see.

I don't like having so many leaves in the greenhouse to over winter, it usually spells problems with bugs etc. So this is going to be a bit of a challenge this year.

The only Ensete to be dug out today is my Ensete Montbeliardii this is the furthest down the garden so had been hit quite badly by the frost.
I trim off all the leaves, trim back the roots

wash off all the soil, name it and then keep it upside down to drain off the excess water. They do hold a lot!

In my next post, I will be digging out the big Maurelli, I have one very big one and  couple of smaller ones. Plus the final time I will dig out my Hiniba and how I intend to propagate it.


  1. I hope everything survives well for you in the greenhouse this winter and that your pest problems are few.

    1. Thank you so much, I hope the winter is not as cold as people say that it may be!


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