Monday, 13 February 2017

Dog Walk No 2!

Having had such an amazing brithday weekend, today I finds myself alone with my four legged friend.

Another glorious day, so I decided a walk along the canal in Devizes was in order. This is a big circular route, but I only decided to take pics from half way round!!! I apologise if the photos are not good quality they where taken with my phone.

Darcy raring to go. If dared to have a pair of rollerskates, we would do the walk in half the time, although stopping and taking short cuts through hedges may be problamatic.

The first part of the walk involves crossing some large fields, then along a tree lined path before coming to the canal.

It is a favourite walk of mine especially during the week when it is so much quieter.

I love seeing it during its different seasons.

The old bridges

Then there are some houses with gardens that back onto the canal you I'm sure could imagine all my jungle plants panted on these tiers!

I am really not sure what is going on here, they have chopped down a load of trees, but the way they have them stack is, I think rather dangerous, quite worried that some unsuspecting canal boater might end up underneath these!

To the last and newest bridge

Passing a 'shoe tree' (some people are bizarre)before travelling home.

Then once home, I did a 'first' of the year and hung some washing out!!

It is gloriously sunny and windy too, so should be dry in next to no time!

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