Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Gift!

I have been a very lucky lady and recently been given a sum of money. I decided after some thought to spend half and save half .

So I have purchased some items for my greenhouse.

The first is a new heating system with digital thermometer

My old heaters, (plural) I have had for a number of years, I have 2 fan heaters and 2 tube heaters, all of which work perfectly well and do what they say on the box, but probably not as efficiently as could be.
I am excited to get this set up, I know it is the wrong side of winter, so I expect that it is probably going to remain warm now till next winter!

The 2nd purchase, is a little bit extravagant, but funnily enough hubby and I discussed upgrading the staging last year as we where preparing the greenhouse for winter.

The old staging is just that 'very' old, metal, badly rusted, very, very wobbly and basically falling apart. I am not sure just how they have remained upright, but they have.  These are just 2, a good start for now and the old ones will have to hang in there for a little while longer. Pics to follow when erected xx

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  1. Nice and exciting to have all these new toys :)


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