Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Rare Sunny Day!

When I am plagued by the dreaded 'Black Dog' the best thing for me is sunshine, garden and ALL phones left inside the house!! So that is exactly what I did today, I was outside by 7.30am and apart from a breakfast stop and a coffee break that is where I remained until 1.00pm. I wanted to plant the Gunnera in its new planned home and I also wanted to start work on the flower bed next to the Arid bed. I am not happy with it, si I had a look round the garden, as I have a number of plants still in pots which could possibly be planted in. The other day it looked like this

I know it doesn't look any different but I have dug out loads of old plants and weeds, added 1 Maureli, 1 Hiniba, a red leaved Canna, some Elephants Ears. I have ordered some more plants to fill in the gaps.

But I am very pleased with the start of this.

Further up the garden

mmmmm???I am very tempted to dig out that tree thingy after giving it a good weed I found loads of elephants ears coming through. I dug out a fern from the bottom of the garden and split it half, part of it is now in the top right corner of this bed.
I need to add loads more plants plus it needs loads of compost.
So an on going project!!

Meanwhile the bottom of the garden looked like this

I needed to do something. If you remember my neighbour has attached a trellis to my side of the fence and decided to grow a Clematis Montana up it. I wanted to disguise/hide it so I came up with the cunning plan.
After moving the sleeper, digging out the old plants I had to dig the grass over as I knew The Gunnera needs space, it was very compacted, I have added 2 large wheelbarrow loads of home made compost  and it now looks like this.

I have covered the bed with weed membrane as I dug the grass in.

I am thrilled, I think it will be amazing once it starts growing, it was definately ready to come out of its pot!

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  1. Amazing how a sunny can trigger so much productivity, nice work!


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