Sunday, 15 February 2015

3 Months, 2 Weeks!

since I last blogged! So much has gone on since then, the day after my last post I had to rush up north as my mum was taken into hospital and it was very touch and go! My sister and I stayed a month or maybe more? But she is a tough cookie and has pulled through. Although we have been up and down a lot since then she has improved greatly.

Everything in my garden, greenhouse and home has been sadly neglected, so I have had and am expecting  further losses in the greenhouse :(

Today being Valentines Day, is the day I usually plant my tomato seeds! (My husband says its so they get lots of love!!) But this year they won't as I haven't planted them yet lol!! Instead I went and tidied the greenhouse, watered what needed watering and set up my propagator!

There seems to be a great lack of room in there this year, I'm not sure why. So where the heck I will put the seedlings when they come out of the propagator I have no idea.

This is just a short blog to let you know I am alive and raring to go on another gardening year. Photos


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