Sunday, 3 August 2014

New Jungle Bed Begins

Today has been the first day in ages that I have been able to work in the garden, I really enjoyed myself, although my back has been playing up as I did some major digging in K's garden the other day when I was there waiting for the delivery of their new shed. I don't think its been dug over for years and unfortunately I did over do it but don't tell hubby!!!

I am really loving the jungle bed at the top, it is looking gorgeous at the mo.

I like that I have a few flowers mixed in this year. The Cleome in this picture, is an amazing plant and goes on and on. I am definitely   growing these again, I have also got some Rudbeckia's mixed in and the Agapanthus I am going to dig up and put into post as I have found out they flower better when pot bound!

So the veg bed is now emptyish! I need to clear all the gravel, move the trough with the bamboo in to the end of the bed on the right. Use the boards to edge the new bed, dig in some compost and 'Bobs you Uncle'! Although I do need some help at the mo, so it will be a slow process.

This Cyathea is not hardy so is left in a big pot but I will move it to the top bed and semi sink it. The Rudbeckia's have done so well.

The Passionflower has been amazing this year and I have quite a few large fruits which I shall be trying out when they ripen

Isn't this Zebra Grass amazing, just lovely. The stripes are so defined.

A while back we bought some cactus to see how we did with them, obviously what ever we are doing must be good as they are flowering madly!!

I planted some new sunflowers at the beginning of the year I am thrilled with them as they are huge and an added bonus, multi headed too!

My Cycas Revoluta has finally finished its flush and doesn't it look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Now I know what I need to do to get it to flush, I am hoping this will happen each year. They are hardy to -7C but I may keep it potted up for a while and sink the pot before I plant it out permenantly.

Here is Tango, he doesn't like me at the moment as he has been to the vet because his right back leg keeps giving way. It turned out it was his back not his leg, so he has to have a tablet morning and night. I tried to crush it in some fish which he wouldn't eat, then some yoghurt, same result, So now he has to have it chucked down his throat. So he avoids me at all costs. :(


  1. Poor Tango, but sure he'll forgive you eventually :) garden is looking nice and lush Libby, and your jungle border does look good with a few flowers mixed in with the leafy plants.

  2. Thank you Mark & Gaz, I am thrilled with the additional flowers definitely adds to the look. Because of you I bought a new plant to put in the garden! my first Schefflera lol!


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