Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Open Garden Weekend.

Had the village been having its Open Gardens this weekend coming would have been when this occurred. So how is my garden growing? In places well, in others a total disaster.  I love how the planning for this weekend pushes me to get the garden ready. I kept, to my plan even though everything was cancelled.

We still have the water pipes all over the place, hubby phones the insurance company most nights, its a total pain, with Wessex Water, the company who are doing the exterior work, and the company doing the interior work each saying the other is holding them up!!!!

So moving swiftly on to happier things.

I planted a couple of my Brugmansia in the ground this year, just like Will Giles does at The Exotic Garden. I fully expected them to be shredded by the slugs and snails, just like they are when I keep them in pots, but as you can see this one is 'blooming'. I have never had so many blooms on this one before and the evening scent is out of this world!

Down in the greenhouse I am going to have masses of tomatoes.  The pots (yes there is 2 pots) of tomatoes on the left, are going to my daughter. She and her boyfriend have moved into there house last weekend, hence lack of posts.

At the very back one of my cactus is flowering. The Bouganvillia are flowering, infact everything is growing well.

Behind the office are my water butts which as you can see are covered in plants.

A new plant for me Impatiens niamniamensis, Congo Cockatoo. I think it looks like a parrot!

The mild winter has been fabulous for my Passionflower. Can you see all the buds, masses and masses of them. Would have put on a fantastic display this weekend.

I am now producing Passion Fruit. Wonder if it will be edible when ripe?

More and more buds, amazing.

Do you like the new fence? Went in yesterday, bit posh!!!

The Cycas is flushing again this year. 2 Years running, I must be doing something right!!!

The jungle! The banana is not doing well at all, this year. It may be coming out at the end of this year!!!

Finally the Cleome I started off from seed in January, has finally started to flower! As, has the agapanthus!

Till next time!


  1. It all looks marvellous, you must have been having lots of sunshine!

    1. We have had a exceptionally mild and wet winter and it has been lovely and warm for the last couple of months, a great treat!


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