Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rain, Hail, Wind, more rain and...................

cdddddddddddddddddddddfIt just goes on and on, rain, rain, rain! Still mild though, we have had a few nights when the temperature has dropped but fortunately not enough to do any damage.

Currently everything is bursting into life

further down the garden a few fence panels have blown out, not as many as my neighbour but enough.

Green shoots everywhere

Hellabores popping through

I found a banana I had forgotten I'd planted, still standing firm.

I found some seedlings, the thing about seedlings that just appear, you are never quite sure if they are weeds or something else, I just get the feeling that these are 'the something else type'.

Where we live we are fortunate to not be affected by floods,but the amount of rain is unbelievable, the fields are awash and the mud well we have plenty if anyone wants some!

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  1. We'll pass on the mud, we have our fair share of that too. Very rainy but at least it's been mild.


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