Wednesday, 19 February 2014

More Greenhouse time.....

We had a fantastic day in the garden on Sunday, the sun shone all day, we had morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea in the garden, plus got loads done as well, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We have moved all the 'Box Balls' out of the veg beds as they where beginning to take up alot of space, I only need to find homes for 3 more. The lawn is no longer lawn, but moss. It will need a serious amount of work done to get it back to how it was 2 years ago!! I went down to the greenhouse today as I needed to do some pricking out, I know I am quite ahead, but I need to be, as I am now in charge of the organisation of the 'Village Open Gardens'. It seems very apparent that everyone else wants to open June and I need September. So we bow down to the majority, but I may just open September on my own as well. Anyway full cheat mode maybe put into operation and I may well start off Bananas etc in the heated Greenhouse in pots to get them going and hopefully a bit taller than they would be normally.

So on the heatmat we have Canna's, Brugmansia, some pricked out seedlings of Black Eyed Susan and Cobea Scandon Alba.

My Aeoniums seem very happy underneath the propagater. I don't do an awful lot to them over winter.

As you can see the propagater mat is full. I pricked out alot today and like to put them back on the heat mat for a little while to settle them down, then they will be place on shelving and I can start some more seeds off, it is all planned out. The problem is do I have space?? I haven't even thought about starting any veg yet! I may have to cheat a buy seedlings, not something I normally do!!!

Here I have 4 very large Brugmansia, one of my potted bananas has decided to start growing,which I may continue to encourage, the palm is quite happy. You can just see the new shelving I have put up to help take the seedlings as they begin to take over the greenhouse.

On the plus side the 4 Silver Birch in my neighbours garden are now 3, you can just make out the mound of ivy in between the remaining trees. It blew down at the end of last week.

Also a very old apple tree in the neighbours garden is very, very wobbly and has a decided lean to our garden. When we mentioned it to our neighbour she said she would chop off a few branches. We are not convinced, once in full leaf and covered in apples this may very well arrive in our garden!!!!

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  1. The weather last Sunday was fabulous, a welcome break from all that rain we've been having lately!


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