Friday, 9 August 2013

Patio Finished.

All finished here, just waiting for the boiler to be commissioned today.

I love the clean lines looks so lovely and uncluttered. But I know I will fill it with plants very soon.

This is where the water butt goes. The bed next to it will be planted with ????????? I quite fancy putting a bamboo in here, but I am scared in case I pick the wrong one and it runs and wrecks our new patio. I am taking advice.

The hopper shed. Totally insulated, including doors to keep the pellets dry. The hopper was ordered 3 weeks ago from, Ireland. I think its coming by rowboat!

Jungle bed.

This is where I had a trough of bamboo, but I'm thinking, my living wall may look qite good and not take up so much room.

Off to get dressed before the builders turn up.

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