Sunday, 18 August 2013

Biomass Finished

What a relief it is to have the house to ourselves again. Not that we haven't had a few teething problems with the boiler. Its so nice to make a cup of tea for 2, not 10. The milk doesn't go down so quickly and neither does the sugar lol! I shall write more about the Biomass boiler once it has been running awhile, in the meantime I have been able to get into the garden without nearly killing myself. The jungle is looking good and hasn't suffered too much damage

I have semi planted up the tree ferns

I bought a new passion flower

Sadly this photo does not do it justice, its the most beautiful pink.

I moved this passion flower as my neighbour kept cutting it off, sadly it hasn't flowered this year. But it will look like this when it flowers next year.

Thalia dealbata in the pond

My Bouganvillia, think I may need a new camera as they have all come out the same colour and they are very definitely not.

This one should be a little darker and has variegated leaves-

this is red

and this has a purple hue to it.

Have a good week.


  1. Glad to hear you have some peace and quiet again after all that work before. Garden is looking good too!

  2. I absolutely adore your hard work and passion you put into your garden! Been following your blogs since the beginning and I've laughed and cried at the beauties you have produced, really hats off to you and your family, a big respect to everyone!


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