Sunday, 26 May 2013


To see what was going on in the garden last year compared to this year.



The Hardy Banana, 2012

and this year

mmmm, not alot going on there!!!

The T-Rex last year, big leaves and lots of new ones too.

This year, taller, but struggling to get going...

Ensetes. last year, just getting ready to be planted.

These are the Ensetes this year, this is only the 2nd day they have been out of the greenhouse. Its still too cold at night for them to stay out. The weather forecasts says a low of 5C tonight, we will get lower as we are so rural.

They have thickened out. I did have 5 but I lost one over winter.

I am starting to get a backlog now, the tomatoes really need to go into the growbags, but I don't have room till I get all the bananas out. I have started to remove the bubble wrap insulation, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can get things planted in there rightful places.


  1. Everything's a behind this year, to varying degrees. A bit disconcerting but hopefully everything will be in sync again by next month.

  2. I heard that you have had a wet and cold spring.... I hope the weather has improved by now, for the sake of your lovely garden, and because my son, his wife and Callum (5) are visiting rellies in Scotland then England and then France for the next two weeks.


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