Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Come on Weather!!!

Well I am getting a bit fed up with this weather now, for goodness sake its the middle of May!!!! The T-Rex is only just bursting into life.  The Hardy banana is looking decidedly dead, but when the weather warms up it should start poking through.

The Rheum down by the pond is enormous and is already beginning to flower. This gets bigger and bigger each year.

The Gunnera on the other is struggling!!

This is part of the Bronze bed. Isn't the Heuchara gorgeous.

This is another part of the bronze bed that needs rescuing!

Meanwhile in the greenhouse the banana's which I started on the 1st April are not going as fast I would have expected.

The Bougainvillea is flowering still.

Don't you just love watching seeds bursting through

It still amazes me how a large leaf can come from such a tiny seed.

It looks like an alien, about to emerge from the ground!

I'm sorry I can't help putting  photo's of Darcy on here, he makes me laugh. How he makes himself comfortable when the sun comes out!!!

I do hope the weather bucks up, I'm getting bored stuck inside!!!

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  1. The garden's coming along nicely Libby! Hopefully the weather will warm up soon for all of us :)


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