Saturday, 3 March 2012


Just look at all of these

little plantlets

growing and nurtured to life

by myself. Some from seed, some bulbs and corms,

Its addictive, even the pricking out hasn't turned out too bad, probably because I spread out the actual seed sowing.

It has been a trying week this week as my beloved hubby has been really, really poorly. In all our years together I have never known him take time off work and take to his bed like this.
So I nipped out to the shops to get yet more tissues and paracetamol and managed to pick up a few little extras that may come in handy :o)

The date has been set, July 15th, the day of the Open Gardens. This is St Swithin's Day mmmmm not sure if its good or bad?


  1. What a lot of plants you have! I haven't started yet.

    Bet your husband makes a swift recovery once he sees how much money you spend when he's out of action LOL

    Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and that he soon gets rid of his cough too.

    1. Hubby knows all about what I spend, no secrets here. The antibiotics seem to be doing there business, as generous as hubby is, I really wish he had kept his germs to him self. I have a dreadful, case of the shivers and the sweats :o(

  2. Where are you going to put them all? I hope you have plenty of space. I am scratching around for planting space at this time of year - 12 plants are sitting in thre greenhouse with nowhere to go as yet!

    1. I have absolutely no idea where they will all go, I think I will need more shelves.

  3. I hope Mark's feeling better now and is on the mend :) Get well soon Mark!

    Great to see so many seedlings and plants sprouting Libby, very satisfying sight! Wilcos and PL are fab places for gardening products aren't they? :)

    1. Mark is on the road to recovery now, thankfully, quite scary as he is never ill.
      You right about PL and Wilko's, love them!

  4. Your babies are thriving!
    Poor old hubby.... getting a bad dose of the man flu! I hope he's feeling a lot better by now.


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